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Vexel tutorial with Photoshop

Vexel tutorial by Photoshop Created By Fadli Ibn Malik – Before I say thank you to the readers who've been on the drop view as well as learn photoshop tutorials from my tutor.

Click here for details on photoshop tutorials okay: http://photoshopku.net/tutorial-vexel-dengan-photoshop/

Okay here is my love of several stages, this is the result of my experience in making vector, so apologies if my photoshop tutorial, suppose that looks the same as the same of others, because I also learn from others, but here I am just sharing my experience and knowledge that I gained from various reference photoshop tutorials that I can. And here it is step by stepnya:

Tutorial photoshop. get information manuipulation. learn photoshop tutorials trick for photo editing. read more ini here to tutorial

1. photoshop tutorial Step 1

First open the first photos to be edited so the vector, by pressing the Ctrl + O or click File-Open >

2. Step 2 photoshop tutorials

Duplicate the layer by pressing the Ctrl + J, locate the layer active dilayer Background

Create a layer, hit Ctrl + Delete that layer are filled colors and name the Background

3. Step 3 tutorial photoshop

Click the Pentool, provided rich pictures below:

Then start tracing, kalo I still start part his hair in the past, because most easily

Nah kalo already finished, click button eyes, a red circled it let me know that ditracing results

4. Step 4 photoshop tutorials

Go to the other part, do not forget to place the active layer in the Background who've made last

In this step I make her Line Art I used to spy on everything from nih, oh yes there are tips from my nih kalo mau make the taper tracing as usual press Alt button while you click back, or more details click Red encircled it.

5. And much more step-by-step photoshop tutorials

Maybe that's all I can share from my own experience, sorry if there are mistakes in this tutorial either in writing or any other thing, because here too I am still learning in terms of ngevector and thanks in agan agan/sis who've dropped in on clay as well as learn from my tutor.

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How to make a Caricature in Photoshop

How to create Caricatures with Photoshop – tutorials caricatures was created by one of the authors of the Photoshop tutorials, all of his work is very nice and help users photoshop, Smudge Painting techniques one of which the most numerous in the search. This time the author Mr. Agi Bead Game, return to offer how to make Caricature with Photoshop.

Read the full photoshop tutorial details, just click here: photoshopku.net/cara-membuat-karikatur-dengan-photoshop/

Tutorial photoshop. get information manuipulation. adobe photoshop tutorials for photo editing . read more ini here to tutorial

Before continuing with his photoshop tutorial, I warn that this tutorial is not the basic techniques, so every steps I consider you all already have basic techniques that will be used like Liquify and Smude tool. In this caricature photoshop tutorial I'm using character Jacky Chan

1. Select photos using photoshop Pen-tool and you normally use, once selected, selection or cut back part of the head. in order to separate.

2. perbesesar the head section by using the transform or by pressing CTRL + T on the keyboard and then the rotation of the head. minimize body section as to transform or by pressing CTRL + T on the keyboard such as

3. Selection of some parts of the face like the cheeks, mouth, eyes, nose, ears, Chin and using the lasso tool, then clone by pressing CTR + J on the keyboard, _ lau zoom back by using CTRL + T.

4. like the example in the image to. 4 results for duplication and enlargement of part pipi, did the same thing to the face like earlier on mentioned in point 3 photoshop tutorial.

5. result of duplication and augmentation of the face as shown in the picture.

7. In the case of the image no. 7 photoshop tutorials there is little ear sticking on a section of hair
use the clone stamp or by menekamn the letter "S" on the keyboard, to duplicate a section of hair

8. And many more steps in photoshop tutorial

And photoshop tutorials were finished, create more readers who want to know the world of photoshop, silagkan join in ABB Photo art, this Fanpage members In can share knowledge of photoshop and ask questions.

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The trick is making wpap with photoshop

The trick is making WPAP with Photoshop – coreldraw users for you may often hear about WPAP, WPAP photoshop stands for Wedha's Pop Art Potrait popularized by Wedha Abdul Rashid as well as the maker of this flow.

Tutorial photoshop. get information manuipulation. photoshop and tutorials. read more ini here to tutorial

the photoshop effects to make it easier to use the application makers such as coreldraw, illustrator vector. DLL. If however we are accustomed to and can only use Adobe Photoshop, perhaps the Pen Tool is the answer to make effect WPAP. But most new users have yet to understand how to use the Pen Tool.

Click here for the detailed article photoshop tutorials: http://photoshopku.net/trik-membuat-wpap-dengan-photoshop/

So the main trick in making WPAP photoshop is a game of colors and shapes/patterns of arbitrary (flat areas formed by the imaginary lines.). Please try the trick make wpap with photoshop, may be.

Just info:

WPAP (Wedha's Pop Art Portrait) is a style of human portrait illustration (usually famous figures) that are predominantly flat-vibrant fields of color to the front, middle and rear to give rise to the dimension, which was formed from the imaginary lines of the firm where the face shape, position elements member of face and proportions remain the same with the portrait of the original with the process of tracing creative that is not subject to 100 per cent on what is in the trace of photoshop.

Basic exercises – WPAP by making Photoshop Tricks

In practice this time, I will create WPAP is easy techniques, i.e. by using the Selection Tool.

1. prepare images with areas of the face

2. Create a pattern using the Polygonall Lasso Tool, why should the Polygonall Lasso Tool? Perhaps because of this toll with jawabnnya we can freely and easily create a pattern.

3. Give the color, you can use the Brush Tool or Paint Bucket Tool

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Tuotorial Photoshop Drawing Icons Fries

Tuotorial Photoshop Drawing Icons Fries-this Tutorial is the result of collaboration with one of the best local icon designers from Bandung, Syarip Jonah. Syarip designing the icon while I focus on writing the tutorial. Hopefully there is another chance to make a tutorial with him again. This tutorial is written for exclusive Hongkiat.

Tutorial photoshop. get information manuipulation. photo in photoshop tutorials. read more ini here to tutorial

Complete photoshop tutorial, please visit here: http://desaindigital.com/menggambar-ikon-kentang-goreng-dengan-photoshop/

Most of the steps in the Tutorial

This tutorial is very detailed and discussed many of the techniques commonly used in the design of icons. Below are some of the steps in the tutorial.

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Designing icons for iPhone application

The fun of Photoshop is that you can make practically anything. For example, in this case, I could try to design icons of iPhone applications. In General, the process is not unlike the regular icon design. The difference is in size. This tutorial is written for exclusive Vandelay Design Blog.

Draw a line graph in Photoshop CS6

Photoshop CS6 has some new features that are useful to many designers interface. One of the most prominent is the vector shape that is now really in a vector format like in Illustrator. In this tutorial, we will learn to use some of the new features in CS6 for drawing a line graph.


Cool, Mas Jeprie. A collaborative work of charming. I just now got around to looking into the site Hongkiat. The tutorial there are 35 step and most importantly the end result is yummy kentangnya

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Nice mas. How to make a web request to be .... the understandably still newbie.. from the design image of ... ... ... trimakasih,,,,

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Photo manipulation in Photoshop For light effects and 3D

Photo manipulation with light effect and Abstract 3 dimension Objects with Photoshop-In this photoshop tutorial, we're going to try to manipulate the image by adding light effects and 3D objects.

Visit: http://desaindigital.com/manipulasi-foto-dengan-efek-cahaya-dan-objek-abstrak-3-dimensi/

Tutorial photoshop. get information manuipulation. photo editing photoshop tutorials. read more ini here to tutorial

With photo manipulation photoshop tutorials you can learn here, click here

For the purpose of tutorial in photoshop, we will experiment with blending modes, layer merge abstract 3 dimension stock, and performing the transformation process. I will also demonstrate techniques and pen tool combines selection Channel Alpha.

Detail Tutorials

1. Difficulty level: intermediate, Advanced
2. Program used: Adobe Photoshop
3. The material Studied: the process of Transformation, the use of the Layer Mask, experiment of Blending modes
4. A long Cultivation: 1 hour

In terms of tutorials using photoshop, surely you must prepare an image aka photo is good quality indeed. You can select photos on deviantart.com as a reference photo to photo manipulation tutorial with photoshop.

The first step in this photoshop tutorial is "Select models". This step is a step that is easy but requires concentration. Photos also affects the results of the selection. For it takes good quality photos.

You can get a full tutorial at the link the article I prepared above. Please read more to learn photo manipulation with photoshop.

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Effect of white light and attractive red, Mas. Only the colors red and blue circle on the bottom left hand corner there is a super object under it seems somewhat gimana gitu, Mas Jeprie. Less natural as the ORB of smoke. Or it was deliberately created so, huh?

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